To say that we've been blown away by your support is an understatement.  In just a week, we saw well over 100 people register their interest in Glyphbase.  If you're following us on Facebook, we posted a quick map to give folks a peek behind the scenes at the responses we've been getting.  We hope you'll continue to spread the word as we continue to work on the beta release.  Every sign-up is a huge encouragement as we work to build a product we hope you'll love.  

In preparation for the beta test, we are trying to identify areas with large concentrations of potential users.  Glyphbase has a big social component, and we want to exercise that functionality during the beta test.  We hope you'll encourage other traceurs/freerunners in your local community to sign-up on our website and help bring the Glyphbase beta to your region.

Finally, we pushed a brief, 5 minute survey out to everyone that signed-up last week.  If you haven't signed up (or didn't get the email), we'd still love to hear from you.  I've included a link to the survey below, and I (Chris here) have promised to donate $1 to Heifer International for every response received up to $100 (sorry, but you folks are an enthusiastic bunch, so I have to cap it somewhere).